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Welcome to the machine!

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In 2024, the music landscape is revolutionized by the evolving interaction between humans and machines. Lucy Dreams embodies this evolution through a unique fusion of analog and digital art, featuring Lucy as an active artificial band member. Their musical concept explores the dynamics between Lucy and the human band members, presenting SonicWaveArtPop as both an expressive and entertaining medium that captivates the senses and raises socially relevant questions.

Their new single, “Love,” has redefined their approach to pop music, both sonically and visually. The trio will debut SonicWaveArtPop on stages across Canada in August, perform in their hometown of Vienna at the Waves Festival in September, and embark on a UK tour in October..

Press review: check out an in-depth conversation with Canadian Spill Magazine here, the interview with Austrian tastemakers here and the review of our show in London by French magazine Verdammnis here.

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