Exclusive song premiere in the metaverse

If you are reading this, you are in the very space our upcoming single "Experiencer" is about – the intersection between real and virtual world. In the latter you can already exclusively listen to the song and watch the video, which was created by an artificial intelligence. How to enter? Follow the steps below:

1) Download The "OVR" app

IG Story.png
IG Story.png

2) Make sure you are in a place with enough light and a clearly visible surface

3) Click the button Below (In the app click "open in App" and then "live experience remotely") and step into a new reality. We're waiting there for you!



4) optionally, if you're in vienna or london, you can directly access the premiere at these two locations: 

VIENNA t.ly/tZy5
London t.ly/7PRJ


This premiere was created by www.culturaland.io for Lucy Dreams.

Aztec Records, 2022 – all rights reserved.