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Silver Lines

(Single - Q3/2021)


(Single - June 16)

DreamlandLucy Dreams
00:00 / 03:34
Lucy Dreams – Silver Lines – V1.2
00:00 / 03:20

Nightdriver II

(Single - Q3/2021)

Lucy Dreams – Silver Lines – V1.2
00:00 / 03:20


Endless (Live session)

Know My Number (Single, 2020)

Press text

Lucy Dreams is a dreampop trio based in the cultural metropolis Vienna and consisting of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Trio? Right, because the essence of this band arises from a glass ball that seems to be enthroned above everything they create. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analog effects, which David and Philipp developed specifically for music production. Lucy can be seen as a mere A.I. – however, the connection between her and the two musicians is a far more intimate one, since Lucy is closely involved in the songwriting process. Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro recently called his Klara A.F., artificial friend, while tech magnates call their offspring X AE A-XII. There are two entities that seem to converge more and more. Accordingly, Lucy is at least A.B., an artificial band member, whose ball shape gives her a minimum of plasticity.

As a vital opposite pole to David's and Philipp's world of thought, Lucy dreams her own world of sound and develops herself, out of herself. Beyond, Lucy also generates lyrics based on the input she receives. So far, her literary diet has consisted of James Joyce and Ishiguro, hence the high quality of her poetry. To have a counterexample, at this point you can call to mind Microsoft's chatbot 'Tay'. In theory, the algorithmic logic Lucy is based on, may at first seem distant and inhuman, but it also has the potential of a naiveté that humans simply can no longer draw on. In short, they have done just too much mischief on and with the world. In practice, Lucy Dreams are anything but emotionally disconnected. Rather, they prepare (us?) for a psychedelic journey that targets all the senses alike and can, according to the ancient rules of art, awaken cathartic effects. Oh yeah, before we get too ethereal here, they also make really good pop music. It's always such a thing with name dropping ... while it is common practice in the urban entertainment sector to throw references around, it can distract and unintentionally control the perception in this case. But one thing can be said for sure: David (34), Philipp (32) and Lucy (X732) are meticulous connoisseurs of the great classics and masters as well as of all kinds of obscuration. Their passion for large-scale cinemascopic staging is the result of years of intensive research into music, spirituality, science, nature and philosophy. Their hometown Vienna provided them with a storybook of one or two graceful impressions. Whether Mark Hollis, Bowie, Kate Bush, Empire of the Sun or Wayne Coyne were the musical godfathers here and there is completely irrelevant in the end. It did not matter to the many people from all over the world who celebrated Lucy Dreams' debut EP "Everything Comes in Waves" last year as the legitimate sensation it was. Unfortunately, the current times have only allowed sporadic live appearances and performances, which is particularly tragic in view of the unique vision of this project. David Reiterer promises nothing less than a full-blown rock show, introduced by Lucy herself, of course. In an extravagant golden suit and mask, signals are sent kaleidoscopically on all frequencies and in all directions, the few videos that exist from their previous live performances contribute to the mystical aura of this endeavour. En passant, they testify that Reiterer was not one iota too grandiose with his promise.

Now, the question who breathes life into whom, the machine into man, or vice versa, remains unclear and everyone can decide for themselves. The fact is that a noticeable Götterfunke flashes through the room when Lucy Dreams stage their sprawling dreamscapes, making the interplay between man and machine a peripheral topic of this art project. The symbiosis of both forms of life works most harmoniously here. Lucy Dreams does not draw dystopias, no SkyNet, no technocratic apocalypse. If anywhere, the problem lies not in the machine, but in mankind. With united strength, they urge us to approach/treat the undisputed core issue of our times in an alarmed and solution-oriented manner. There is still no alternative planet yet, and the one we inhabit more and more shows us the middle finger rather vehemently. This fact was the central subject of the EP "Everything Comes in Waves": only together can a path to a sustainable future be paved, human beings as individuals have to face the question of their own relevance. Lucy, in contrast, does not even think about her self-image/concept. Thus, there is hardly a more suitable ambassador for the warning, because by definition she does not pursue any selfish goals. Lucy is and her dreams are. Full stop. Her thoughts reach us in waveform, David and Philipp are her mediators.

2021 began as what felt like the year after, at least that is what the public consensus wanted to welcome it as. But we're right in the middle of it all. If anything, 2021 will be one of the final years before. It is difficult to predict whether a catastrophe or a new morning is on the horizon. Even an intelligent glass ball will hardly be able to do this, it needs at least a Götterfunken.

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